Statement on photography

Theale and Tilehurst Cricket Club recognises the need to ensure the welfare and safety of all Young People in Cricket.  As part of this commitment we will not permit photographs, video images or other images of Young People to be taken or used without the consent of the Parent/Guardian and the Young Player.  The Club will follow the guidance issued by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) on the use of images of Young People which is available on http://www.Play-Cricket.com and www.ecb.co.uk.  The Club will take steps to ensure that these images are used solely for the purpose they are intended, which is the promotion and celebration of the Club or Individuals cricketing activities.  If you become aware that these images are being used inappropriately you should inform the Club Welfare Officer immediately.

Some photographs e.g. team or action shots, are submitted to the Press and published on the Club website.  In circumstances where there is a need to identify an individual player in the Press parental permission will be sought beforehand.

By completing your registration to become a member of Theale & Tilehurst Cricket Club, you understand there is the possibility that, although not intentionally, a photograph may be taken of your child and uploaded to official Theale & Tilehurst social media channels/website. If you find this has happened without your prior consent, it is your responsibility to inform the Club Welfare Officer (the details of whom can be found here).  


Changing room policy

For players under the age of 16 playing in adult teams the following policy applies:

  • Girls will have their own changing facilities
  • Youth players (under 18) are advised to change and shower at home or make use of changing rooms other than those being used by adults/girls

Transportation to & from matches

Theale and Tilehurst Cricket Club policy is that parents or other responsible adults are responsible for transporting players to and from all matches and practice sessions and therefore the Club will not be registering Private Vehicles for the transportation of individuals in connection with any fixtures or practice sessions arranged by the Club.  The implementation of this policy is not intended to exclude any player from participation and parents or guardians should contact the Club Welfare Officer if they have any problems with the transportation of players to matches or practice sessions.