All Stars Cricket

All Stars cricket is an ECB programme designed as an introduction to cricket for boys and girls aged between 5 and 9.

It is an 8 week programme, packed with fun activities that will keep the children engaged for every minute of the one hour session. Children will learn the basics of cricket in a fun and dynamic environment. Every child will earn stars as the weeks progress that match the skills learned during the programme:
Batting – hitting a moving ball
Throwing – underarm and overarm
Catching – small and large balls
Bowling – overarm
Running – lots of movement
Teamwork – fun games with friends
Communication – the basics of cricket
Spirit of Cricket – how to respect others

Some of the key outmcomes we have seen in previous members of the programme are;
  • An increased level of confidence in children
  • An increased level of activeness in children
  • Improvement in movement skills
This combines with the more traditional aspects of learning cricket to create a programme that I think will benefit every child that takes part.

As part of the programme, each child will recieve:
  1. A backpack
  2. Cricket bat
  3. Cricket ball
  4. Personalised shirt with name
  5. Cap
  6. Activity book